Be Spoke



With excellence in the attire and aristocratic stance, make your life an occasion worth celebrating. Diwan Saheb, a name that weaves magic for men to leave others spellbound, is at the forefront of making every occasion memorable for life. Over the years, it has lived a legacy of revolutionizing high fashion for men in India, apart from delivering a range of traditional and ethnic wear collection.

People think that the terms "bespoke" and "made-to-measure" are interchangeable. However, the origin of the word ‘Bespoke' dates back to the 17th century.
When a customer used to choose a length of cloth, it was said to have “been spoken for”. Hence, a tailor, who makes your clothes individually as per your specific personal requirements, it is called "bespoke". And when the tailor simply uses a basic, pre-existing design template, which is then adjusted roughly to your individual measurements, it is called "made-to-measure".


Choose what suits you the most

It's important to discuss with you what type of suit you're looking for and what is the use. Keeping your type, style, fit and activity in mind, the cloth is chosen.

After taking more than 20 measurements and figuration details from the customer, the cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and silks available.

Only one tailor is appointed to sew the garment and transform it into a final suit. Each suit is completely hand-made, even down to the button holes.



At Diwan Saheb, demanding customers are made to feel at ease with their "bespoke" service. Clients are assured that what they wish for is what they’ll get because the tailor appreciates the client’s knowledge and delivers every stitch with flawless detail.
We experience specific clients who are finicky about detail and have a reasonable arrangement of thoughts on join examples and unique theme work. Our "bespoke" service is handled by by traditional craftsmen, fashion designers with fabrics handpicked from a portion of the greatest names in the clothing business, all inclusive.


Dream Team

Diwan Saheb was established by Shri. M. L. Diwan and acquired by Surinder and Sudhir Diwan and has today reached the pinnacle of menswear names in India. And it’s all because of the dedication that the youthful gun Amit Diwan, a graduate in fashion designing and clothing technology from Manchester, U.K. and, Sumit Diwan a business administration graduate from University of Sheffield, U.K., are moving forward great energy and excitement.

Aside from its customary and ethnic wear compilations, Diwan Saheb likewise offers to the Glitterati, the best of international fashion with all international brands of repute. As Sudhir Diwan puts it, "Though the media has broadened the male fashion scene, our endeavor is to take the present generation towards the richness of tradition & culture to balance successfully the age old hand embroidery of India and at the same time dress our clients to perfection, for their evening dinner and cocktail."

The reason as to why Diwan Saheb holds such a enviable position, is due to a great deal of elements including its way breaking publicizing, similar to the new advertisement battle that is of international standard and customized tailoring which has been taken to another high. Flawless innovation, qualified experts and more than 400 conventional weavers and craftsmans contributed towards the colossal status and acknowledgment of this menswear mark. Their outfits have additionally picked up a dedicated following in the remote market, which has seen a rise in fares. As of today, Diwan Saheb’s creations are also available in London, New York & California. With exports inquiries pouring in, today exquisite outfits can be checked out on the net also.